We live in a world of colour and atmosphere, so adding high quality photographs to your website is a must.

If you ask most visitors to adult themed websites what is the first thing they first look for on a website they will say photographs of the masseuse(s).

This is not only a key factor when people our making a decision regarding whether to make a booking with you but it also important for online marketing purposes. Google for instance loves articles and sites with captivating original photos.

So it amazes us when we see so many adult massage sites choose to use no photographs or low quality photographs. There is no point spending your time and marketing budget on advertising your services if when people come to your website there is no information there they want to see.

We strongly suggest investing in high quality photographs taken by a professional photographer.

We would certainly recommend seeking the services of a boudoir photographer in particular as they specialise in the adult niche and will know how to structure the photos in terms of background, lighting and positioning.

Having a professional photography session can also be lot of fun as the photographer gets you to make all types of suggestive poses.

However, if you do not have the budget for a professional photographer then we suggest the following DIY tips:

  • Get a decent camera, do not just use your smartphone
  • Make sure you give the right amount of head space in the photo
  • Make sure the lighting is done well
  • Sexy photos of you in the bed, in the bath tub or shower, always seem to work well
  • Make the photos very sexy and sensual, but you do not have to be fully nude
  • Send your photos to a photo editor so they can use a programme like Photoshop to clean them up
  • Have fun!