Switching Over To Https

Just to let you know we have switched both London Massage Guide and Massage London.Sexy over to https from http as recommended to do by Google.

More information about switching your website to https can be found in this excellent Moz article Big List of SEO Tips For Using Https On Your Website

What this means for you...

Unfortunately referral traffic from https websites to http websites is recorded in Google, or your Wordpress/CMS Analytics, as direct traffic and not from the original source.

More information about this can be found in these articles - 



That is why some of our advertisers may have seen traffic from both these sites vanish since we switched over in late December.

Do not worry, your advertising is still live and you are still receiving traffic from both sites, it has just been recorded as Direct traffic.

We are in the process of adding tags to your advertising campaigns on both sites. This will help you or your online marketing person to see the referral traffic report.

So if you now want to know how much traffic you are getting you can do this by going to the Campaign section in Google Analytics  

Here is a screen shot to show you where you can find the Campaigns section in Google Analytics...

Under the Acquisition menu click on Campaigns and then click All Campaigns

You will start seeing the traffic from London Massage Guide and Massage London.sexy start to appear in this section over the next few days as we start adding the tags to the advertising.